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Therefore, all social media apps should accommodate built-in services for protected private communication. These types of social network sites enable users to share any kind of media with their followers. For example, social networking sites , social review sites (Yelp. Trip Advisor, image sharing sites like Instagram and Snapchat.

Niche social media apps are the solution that you and your community are looking for and there’s never been a better time to create one. Creating your own social network allows you to have your own space away from all the noise and distractions on busy social media platforms. There are no ads, people ranting about the latest news headlines or cat memes dragging your audience’s attention away from your content. Selling things to your community isn’t possible in many cases on existing social media platforms. But with your own customised social media app, digital marketplace options can be built right into your platform.

Thanks to SWOT analysis, you will be able to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats related to your business and better prepare your app for success. Enabling clients to make in-app purchases, i.e. pay for access to high-quality music compositions, movies, designer sticker packs, and so on. Nothing will secure the runaway success of your startup as much as intuitive and responsive design. Top-notch professionals will work on wireframes, exhaustive mockups, and layouts to devise a visually compelling yet fully functional solution.

Build Your Social Media App MVP + Iterate with Usability Testing

Users can enhance their connection while connecting with other people. Using this social media app for marketing may be a splendid opportunity for you. It does not matter how exciting the experience of public user intercommunication is. There are always some private messages to be discussed in a private circle.

create a social media app

And if you’re sitting there thinking “this is going to cost a fortune and take ages to complete”, think again. As we discussed, there are alternative SaaS solutions that are quick, affordable, and easy to start up – like ours at Disciple. To be significantly less and be much faster than say an open-source solution that involves the cost of software, a developer, and paying for hosting. Tailor colours to your brand guidelines for seamless user experience. Make sure the look and design remain consistent across the web and mobile to avoid confusing your users.

Step 9: Start the Development Process

For example, YouTube shows ads before or during a video, and Instagram adds relevant posts to users’ stories or feeds. These allow a user to leave reviews and summaries regarding brands, products, services, travel, and transport. One example create a social media app is TripAdvisor, which is the largest travel platform in the world where people can share their opinions about specific destinations, hotels, businesses, and more. All you need to do is to fill the required form fields, and your app is ready.

It is necessary to include a user-friendly chat function feature in your offering since every social network app relies on users sending messages, pictures, and videos. Group chats and live video features are additional elements that can make the chat feature more interesting for users. These apps are discussion forums where people can discuss multiple topics and get responses from global experts. For example, you can ask a question like “What is the average app development cost? ” to get answers from many mobile app experts on the platform.

The downside of having so many people, creators, and businesses on existing social networks is that everyone is competing for space and attention. And the networks have to use algorithms to figure out which content to show to who. When you design and own the digital platform you interact with your community on, there are no outside rules or limitations.

There are a wide range of analytics tools that can help you assess the success of your app. You might look at how long people spend on your app, or how many times per week/month they use it. You’ll need to decide early on what route you intend to take and whether you want your app available for Android users, Apple users, or both. If you plan to make money from your app, think carefully about your different monetization options. The feature is to help you and those you assign roles to, to manage the site, block unreliable users, and perform other administrative functions.

Post-Launch Stage

Try to have a clear mind when beginning the research and be flexible to alter your primary idea. If you look into successful social media companies like Twitter and Instagram you will be able to understand how much they have adapted and altered the app to remain popular. The Notifications Tab- A feature you absolutely cannot ignore is the notification bar. The user needs notifications for everything happening in connection to the social media account. These notifications directly pop up on mobile devices even when the social media app is not open.

  • Create blog posts, infographics, videos or eBooks on topics your customers are interested in and searching for and make the call-to-action to join your app.
  • When you’ve outlined the core features and functionality of your app, it’s time to start designing and developing it.
  • After your MVP is on the market and gains favorable feedback, it will be the right time to embed it with intricate functionality.
  • Public Viewing Profile- Each user should have the privilege of having a personal profile where all basic details can be mentioned and highlighted.
  • Here you will learn the vital options there are for social media app creation.

Livestreams are found to be highly engaging where interactions occur through the integrated chat medium and multiple viewers can watch altogether. Instead, it should be launched to a small group of users likely to be interested in your product (e.g., early adopters). Siam Makro are growing fast, but their SaaS solution couldn’t scale with them.


Wireframing helps visualize the social media application by giving a structural view to the application. Begin the initial app development process once you have a viable development strategy. It is best to use the Agile methodology for development to accelerate the process and direct it towards the most productive direction.

Especially if you find an influencer who is a renowned figure among your target audience. Organic User Acquisition – organic promotion deals with everything content, including blog posts, product videos, etc. Below is a brief description of steps that need to be taken in order to build a social media app. These allow for the streamlined placing of posts and commenting on them from the device of one’s choice.

He has helped hundreds of companies just like yours succeed in the digital world. So if you’re looking for an experienced, knowledgeable, and trustworthy person to help you reach more customers, You’re in luck. Bharat is here to help you with your digital marketing needs. The first thing you need to do is clearly define who exactly will be using your app. This way, you can cater the design of your app towards their preferences and also determine what type of features they’ll find most useful.

Let’s develop something awesome together.

But with the right team and methodology in place, it doesn’t have to be. MEAN is an acronym for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, & Node.js. This stack is becoming increasingly popular thanks to its performance and scalability. Moreover, the MEAN stack is full-featured and easy to use, making it a good choice for those who want a powerful platform without a lot of complexity. However, because it is relatively new, the MEAN stack can be more difficult to find support for than some of the other options on this list.

create a social media app

The project manager will work with the UX designer to create wireframes and user flows that map out the app’s functionality. The front-end developer will then take those wireframes and turn them into code that can be used on the web or iOS/Android social networking app development platform. And finally, the back-end developer will create the server infrastructure that will power the app.

It’s one of the main marijuana apps in USA, and it was redesign this year. The maintenance of your social media apps is no different than any other app. It can be done as a daily process or on-demand, depending on the number and type of tasks. Building a social networking app can be overwhelming, especially if this is your first time getting involved in such an endeavor.

Media Sharing Social Apps

So in this article, we are going to develop something like that. Social Media App Development is not an easy task that can be completed in a day. While developing a social app for android, they must incorporate a few essential things like communities, Question & answer services, and forums. In these categories, Reddit, Digg, and Quora are very popular.

Soon they will become the most significant and influencing audience in the world. Artificial intelligence chatbots – these will be useful for social media apps that plan to work with a business audience for products and services promotion. User interaction – social media gets users on the hook because of the interaction that they are offering inside the apps. Comments, likes, reposts, and replies are some of the features to start up with. Posts – functionality that allows users to create posts, share content and connect with their friends or audience. To ensure positive results and high profitability of your initiative, all the peculiarities must be taken into account.

So it’s important to weigh your options carefully before you look to create a social media app. These platforms allow users to share short updates with their followers and friends over social media. Twitter, Mastodon, and Gab are a few of the most popular microblogging platforms.

Quantitative Metrics for Social Media Applications

Instagram always introduces an extra feature for engaging its users more. It shares users with a wide range of content like videos, live videos, photos, and stories. Among the best social media apps Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat have great craze among the users and have created a milestone. They are dominating the social media platform through smartphone devices. The cost of building the best social media app differs depending on which medium you decide to go down for creating it. Planning for SaaS or CMS software to make your social media app, then the cost will be less.


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